PDA Stats

Collection of functions for statistical calculations

This statistics software is designed for education and small business applications. It has six built-in lists for storing and editing data. The program provides a wide variety of descriptive and inferential statistics procedures. Users may construct a histogram, boxplot, or scatterplot, and compute summary statistics including the mean, median, variance, standard deviation, quartiles, and correlation. Common confidence interval and hypothesis test procedures are also included. The program contains functions for regression analysis, analysis of variance, and goodness of fit tests. Users may also generate random numbers from a variety of distributions, compute permutations and combinations, and find probabilities associated with common discrete and continuous distributions. This software is a wonderful supplement to any introductory statistics class and a handy statistics tool for business.

PDA Stats includes an Import/Export feature that allows the user to retrieve from, and store, data in the Palm Memo Database on a Palm OS handheld, and directly to text files on the Pocket PC . One can choose from two different import and export formats: 1. PDA Stats format and 2. csv (comma separated values), tab-delimited, or space-delimited text file formats.

PDA Stats


PDA Stats 2.85